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Failure to successfully manage a crisis can result in costly litigation, a loss in production and earnings, and more paramount, the loss of life. A corporation's reputation and brand integrity which is built over many years can be damaged in an instant. We offer training in Crisis Management to enable businesses to take a more proactive approach in preventing a "situation" from becoming a "crisis." However, when a company is faced with an immediate crisis, we are able to provide our clients with emergency/priority Crisis Response to support them in their time of need. VZA can consult with your Crisis Management Team (CMT) or send our experienced consultants on scene to address the following issues should they arise:

  • Inappropriate, and/or Anonymous Communications and Actions
  • Violence in the Workplace Issues
  • Corporate Downsizing and High Risk Termination Consultation
  • Stalking Issues: Threat Assessment, Response and Intervention Support
  • High Profile/Celebrity Threat Assessments and Security Consultation
  • Product Tampering: Contamination or Sabotage Issues
  • Extortion Matters including Threat Assessment
  • "Insider Threat" Issues
  • Hostage and Kidnap Matters
  • Cross Cultural Communication Issues
  • Conflict Mediations
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