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  • The Assessment of Threatening, Inappropriate, and/or Anonymous Communications and Actions
  • Violence in the Workplace Issues: Corporate Policy and Program Development, Training Seminars, Threat Assessment Termination Consultation and Intervention Assistance
  • Corporate Downsizing Issues and Training
  • Psychological Profiling, Personality Assessments and Behavioral Analysis
  • Unknown Author/Writer Identification by Linguistic and Behavioral Features
  • Stalking Issues: Threat Assessment, Response and Intervention Support
  • High Profile/Celebrity Threat Assessments and Security Consultation
  • Product Tampering: Contamination or Sabotage Issues
  • Extortion Matters including Threat Assessment and Investigative/Intervention Strategies
  • Crisis Management Issues and Training
  • Hostage and Kidnap Consultation, Including Individual and Corporate Training Sessions
  • Expert Witness Review and Testimony


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