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In the News features Van Zandt Associates, Inc. personnel in interviews, articles, and television specials.

"Annals of Law Enforcement: Don't Shoot" The New Yorker, July 22, 1996.

"Why They Spy" The Boston Globe, February 25, 2001.

NPR Radio Interview / Topic: Osama Bin Laden and our Retaliation Possibilities, September 15, 2001.

Story House Productions, The Negotiator -The Weapon of Words

CNN Interview, Comments on the Samantha Runnion Murder Investigation

The Today Show Interview, Comments on the Eric Rudolph Manhunt

A&E, Investigative Reports, The Spy Next Door: Robert Hanssen

History Channel, Dangerous Missions, Hostage Negotiators

CourtTV.com article, VICTIMS by Jackie Rothenberg

Desperate resort to 'suicide by cop' by Andrew Mills, Toronto Star

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